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What? You Don't Dermaplane???

No, no I do not! Fair warning, I will be going against popular belief here, especially as a licensed esthetician. This is in no way to hate on those that love dermaplane or offer it as service. We all have our own convictions and beliefs we stand behind, right? This is just a little blog post to express my personal opinion on the subject. So let’s get into it!

What is it? Dermaplane is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves scraping off the top layer of skin with a scalpel to remove dead cells, peach fuzz and other impurities. If you are doing it primarily for the removal of vellus hair, there are much less expensive ways to achieve that. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique that just happens to remove the hair in the process. But is it really the best way to get smooth and glowing skin? Some people swear by it, but I’m just not a fan. I find it risky, unnecessary and expensive. There are better ways to take care of your skin and achieve a healthy glow.

What do I dislike about dermaplane? It can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation. Your skin is delicate and scraping it with a blade can damage it and make it more prone to infections and breakouts. Even in the hands of a skilled professional, small nicks, cuts, and scrapes do happen and can result in infection and scarring. Contrary to popular belief, dermaplaning can also make your hair APPEAR to grow back thicker and darker. Dermaplane does not remove the hair follicle, only the hair shaft. This means that your hair will grow back at the same rate and thickness as before, but it may appear coarser and darker because of the blunt edge that the blade creates. Dermaplaning literally cuts the hairs with a blade, similar to a barber shave, with a single blade. It can also result in ingrown hairs and razor bumps, especially if the blade is not sharp enough.

Exfoliation techniques can improve the appearance of the skin, make it smoother and brighter, and enhance the absorption of skincare products. I believe that there are better ways to exfoliate and care for your skin, such as using gentle scrubs, masks, peels, or microdermabrasion. In my opinion, these methods are safer, and more effective, with a better return on your investment than dermaplane. If you are interested in learning more about them, I will be happy to help you find the best option for your skin type and goals. But, I won’t dermaplane you!

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I am very passionate about what I do and how I do it. I will only ever offer services and products that I truly believe in. For me, not all money is good money.

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