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Mother's Day Bundle #3

Custom Facial and Intimate Wax (Reg. $200)

  • 180 US dollars

Service Description

I know you might be thinking that this is an odd choice for Mother's Day, right? Well, maybe. Intimate wax is self-care. So, why not for Mother's Day? It is named Intimate Wax as a gender neutral description for the area of the body being waxed! Inappropriate behavior regardless of gender/gender identity will not be tolerated. Intimate Wax is the removal of hair from mons pubis (mound), bikini/speedo, labia/scrotum, and intergluteal cleft (Yes, this is your butt crack). This is not a speed waxing service and extractions of ingrowns are included. Service time for this portion is 30-60 minutes dependent on anatomy, hair length, and extractions needed. A custom facial is a 60 minute personalized skin care treatment that addresses your specific needs and concerns. I will analyze your skin type and condition, and then customize a facial using products and techniques that suit you best. A custom facial may include cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, extraction, massage, mask, serum, moisturizer, and sun protection. A custom facial can help improve the appearance, health, and texture of your skin, as well as relax your mind and body.

Cancelation, Rescheduling, and Deposit Policy

*No children. Authentic Esthetic KC is not set up to accommodate children. No additional guests unless they also have an appointment. *Service Deposits and Makeup Consultation fees are non-refundable. *Appointments can be rescheduled no later than 48 hours prior to appointment start time to retain deposit. I understand life happens and there are uncontrollable circumstances, if you need to reschedule inside the 48-hour window, please contact me directly. *Cancelations and no-shows will result in forfeiture of deposit. *Arriving late to an appointment will result in either cancelation/loss of deposit or a shortened appointment time. This decision is made solely at the discretion of Authentic Esthetic KC. Waxing and Makeup appointments- more that 5 minutes late and Skincare appointments- more than 15 minutes late, are subject to cancelation/loss of deposit. Shortened appointment times due to late arrival will not result in a discounted service cost.

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